Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome + Caroline's Name

Daniel and I thank each of you for even taking a few moments of checking in to see how our sweet Caroline is doing.  It has been a very emotional couple of days. We are so fortunate to have such a fabulous support system.. with a special shout out to my mom who has been a rock.  I also am so thankful to have such amazing medical care. Not everyone is in a location to receive this level of care without a long commute or travel. We are starting this site to keep friends and family informed about the details... the details that we are overloaded with. In the state we are in emotionally at the moment, writing down updates sounds like the best way to share.

Now on to Miss Caroline.  Caroline is named for her great-great grandmother, Caroline Dial Penick. I grew up visiting this spunky woman at the Penick Village, where 3 of my great-grandparents resided. I remember her as a classy and sassy lady. My grandfather, Charlie Penick, passed away this past May peacefully in his sleep early in the morning on a Friday. The day before (Thursday) he put a letter in the mail to my mom that was completely about baby names for our little Caroline. He went into a bit of family history and underlined his favorites (see header for a scanned view).  This letter was received after he passed. So clearly it is a very special letter that carried a lot of weight with me. His mother's name was Caroline. Caroline is also a feminine variation of Charles. So Caroline Eads was named after him too. 

Eads was the maiden name of Daniel's maternal grandmother, Norma Eads Lawson.  I have always loved this name. The farm that his grandparents (and mom) lived on played a huge role in Daniel's life and who he is today. We wanted to honor that. She was also a vibrant woman that was both tender and strong. 

So as I was behind the blue curtain in the OR we decided to give our little baby girl a name that we felt captured the essence of these two women; classy, sassy and strong.  

I will have moments of regret towards the sassy part in about 2 years :) But right now, I am counting on it to get her home. 

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  1. Love this...strong name:) Amy Farmer