Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daniel's update: Wednesday, August 27th

Good Morning Everyone,

I wish I had better news, but I don’t.  Little Caroline had a very bad night.  She was on a CPAP (forced air) nasal mask with a stomach exhaust tube coming out of her mouth most of yesterday.  The amount of oxygen they were having to give her had to be continually increased.   She had a few “episodes” where her O2 levels went very low.  Oxygen built up outside of her lungs and caused a pneumothorax (“collapsed lung”).  They put in a line to relieve the pressure and help her breathe, but my little fighter was just too tired and stopped breathing…. unfortunately that happened right as Mary-Peyton stuck her hand in the incubator to touch Caroline.  She’s on a ventilator now and not breathing much “over” the machine.  They’re trying to let her get a little rest so she put the gloves back on and start punching again. WHEN she regains her strength, they’ll wean her off the ventilator and we’ll go from there.

Caroline's blood gas levels were doing better this morning and she's gotten some surfactant to help her lungs work a little better, but no change on the ventilator. She may still have Morphine in her system so she may still be woozy, but she's definitely still exhausted, which could be why she's not breathing too much over the ventilator.

Mary-Peyton is having a rough time with this (we all are), but our family is in survival mode and we’re strong.  Please pray for my little girl and keep Mary-Peyton in those prayers as well.



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