Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Daniel's Update: September 3 (early afternoon)

Hi Folks, 

Sorry for the lapse in updates, no excuses, just busy and tired.  I  assume MP's keeping everyone abreast of what's happening in the Special Care Nursery... (I'm going to keep calling it the NICU, because "Special Care" makes it seem like you want to stay and I want her here at the house where Fanny and the solicitors ringing doorbells can acclimatize her to life on the hardcore streets of Midtown.

A lot has happened in the past few days. I'll forget something, but the 30,000 foot synopsis is that she's made good progress.  Not only is she much more alert and mobile (ugggh... this doesn't bode well), but she's been moved again; this time it's to a party suite on the club level and she's popping bottles with her friend Savannah Grace.  Now, don't just think that the aforementioned comment was simply a deft remark referencing pop culture... she's actually drinking from a bottle now!  She still has the nasal tube that runs to her stomach, just in case, but she's eating and eating well!

Oh yeah, she's not on oxygen anymore either!  Mental Prep:  Sometimes premies go on and off oxygen, but this is a very positive step.  I got to participate in the Kangaroo Care (skin-to-skin contact)... a very interesting 15 minutes for me.  Not only was she audibly irritated at my lack of milk-bearing capabilities but she was crawling all over the place.  Now... this is cool, don't get me wrong, but I had been read the Riot Act about not letting her belly line slip out, because that is a major problem that the nurses can't fix.... and this feisty little on is clawing all over me trying to flip over... all the while pulling her nasal canula out about every 7 seconds.  When MP does the Kangaroo Care, she sleeps... go figure.  She's gaining weight and looking at prom dresses, so things are getting better.  Daddy bought her a new hat, so the spoiling has started.

The docs still don't know if they're going to have to insert a PICC line, but they've settled for an IV as long as her feedings go well.  The heart murmur that was medium/large is now faint and will likely close in due time.  I'm headed to see her now and I'm excited!... but wanted to shoot you all this note.

THANK YOU ALL!  Mainly for the prayers and words of encouragement, but also for the food, flowers, child care, offers to mow the yard.... but mainly for the prayers.  Lambie is still keeping vigil over Caroline, along with her little red and pink cross of stickers on her name-tag.... and soon a little sticker that says "Petunia", her nickname that MP hates and I LOVE!  Keep those prayers coming, if you can!  She's doing much better and she's still got another month or two in there, but today she's technically 33 weeks old... I'll take any milestone I can.

Love to All, 


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